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Having worked with the founder on previous projects in New York and Chicago, we were a natural partner to help him launch Tigo after his move to Miami.

Leaning into music & club culture, Tigo is a tequila seltzer built with the intention of generating ‘good vibes’.

We were asked to take an overall brand feeling and convert it into a living, breathing brand through Brand Identity, packaging, digital and social.



A Brand that:
  • Feels at home on the beach in Miami, on a yacht moored in Tulum or at a house party.
  • Challenges the current hard seltzer market.
  • Stands out from the crowd.
  • Has music in its DNA.

All Tigo & AT stakeholders:
  • Are proud of the creative work.
  • Would gladly drink Tigo and share with friends.
  • Seriously consider entering into awards.



The brand extracts the personality of its audience across all touchpoints, using free-flowing gradients, bold typography and a strong colour palette routed in its home city of Miami.

Each drinks can houses a QR code that directs people to our interactive microsite where users can mix their own Tigo vibe, abstracting the logo through music. Users can choose from a range of flavours (colours), music playlists and virtual DJ settings in order to create their own Tigo experience.

We collaborated with Tigo from its inception through to its launch, following the journey and adapting along the way.


The project is still ongoing. More results to follow.


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Thursday July 1 2021