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Veo is bringing innovative technology to non-elite team sports. Their camera can see 180 degrees and so when placed along the side of a pitch, ti hsd visibility of the entire game. Their apps allow games to be streamed live to families and fans, and their artificial intelligence engine can provide insights for players and coaches to help them improve their game.

After Veo secured investment, we were asked to update their Brand Identity to help them launch live, tagging and stats, and channel the energy into an unseen brand heat.

They wanted create an iconic moment in the history of sports technology.



An evolved Brand Identity that:
  • Reinforces Veo’s position in the sports technology marketplace.
  • Captures the hearts and minds of a youth audience.
  • Demonstrates that Veo is ready to take on the world.

All Veo & AT stakeholders:
  • Love the evolved brand identity.
  • Believe that it will help step into the future with the next iteration of hardware and software.



Our Marketplace Immersion saw us investigate a broad range of sport and technology brands. Some obvious competitors, some referencing branding and styles that today’s young audience are drawn towards.

Our initial thought starters investigated a broad range of visual directions ranging from graphic to scientific, and even ventured into the animal kingdom referencing birds and insects.

Once a direction was agreed, our work took on a more traditional grapic design approach.

After some logo refinement, we noticed that the clients were so well versed in graphic design that we begun collaborating openly with them and broke down client/agency walls to work as a consolidated team. We pivoted to bring new design and collaboration tools into the project to reflect the unique needs of the project.



The project is still ongoing.


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