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© Against Time 2023

Timberland -
This Is Not A Boot, This Is Your Canvas: AR Experience

We worked alongside Rosie Lee Creative and Rosie Lee Digital to design the digital elements of Timberland’s latest campaign.

Using their pre-existing illustrative creative direction we knew we could do something really special by adding dimensionality through the physical spaces and beyond.

Our Instagram AR Filter gave the campaign an additional layer of interaction, allowing users to step into a world of creative expression that reflects Timberland's new 6-Inch boot colourways.

The digital concept was activated online via Timberland’s communication channels as well as in-store alongside Rosie Lee Creatives' immersive spatial execution. QR codes around the store served as a call to action leading timberland customers to explore the digital environment.

Try out the Instagram filters for yourself here:

Nathan - Link

Marion - Link

Respect to all the illustrators involved in this one:

Nathan Walker

Marion Ben-Lisa

Kelly Anna London

Shane Hello

Andrew Archer

Yu Cai



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