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Timberland 550
Venture Out Together

The ‘Venture Out Together’ campaign went into Timberland stores earlier this year (Feb 23) which coincided with the launch of the new flagship store 550 broadway in New York, designed by Rosie Lee Creative.

Working in partnership with Rosie Lee Creative, Against Time were tasked with rolling out Timberland’s ‘Venture Out Together’ campaign across their European, Asian and North American retail markets.

The campaigns hero product (Mens - GreenstrideTM Motion 6 Hiker) featured a graphic contour line motif, that details the upper section of the footwear.

This became key in our approach to translating the ‘Venture Out Together’ campaign into a spatial environment.

The ‘Venture Out Together’ campaign concept spoke to the core of the timberland brand inspiring people to be bold, get outside, experience the outdoors and rediscover yourself in nature. The key visual was centred around the launch of the ‘GreenstrideTM Motion 6 Hiker’ and highlighted hiking influencer groups from each territory.

Our execution of the campaign adopted the visual language of the contour line, using this small detail to further connect brand and product stories. Curvaceous, contour inspired podiums and wall displays became unique platforms to hero the product and house mannequin displays, resulting in deeper rooted expression and storytelling throughout the retail experience.

Our material palette included plywood and timber baton frames to display campaign photography, graphics and footwear. This gave the space a naturally crafted and premium aesthetic, softly contrasting existing fixtures across the 550 store in new york, and other markets (Carnaby Street LDN, Milan Orefici and Sogo Shanghai).

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