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The Online Gallery Magazine
Edition 09

Design, Art Direction



Working alongside The Online Gallery since its inception in the heat of the pandemic (2020), our collective goal has been to support emerging and established voices across the spectrum of art and design through creating engaging and dynamic printed media that expresses their unique perspective in the world of art.



The launch of the ninth edition of the Online Gallery Magazine, in February, coincided with the LA Freize festival 2023, reinforcing the themes present in this edition.

From the Editor:

In Edition 9, we double down on our commitment to creatives, culture, and community. We’re most interested in the intersections that bind these three pillars together, how creativity begets community, how community creates culture, and how culture becomes fertile ground for further creative output….



The artists and contributors reputation, artwork and interviews from the zine form the inspiration for our layout design, colour and typographic choices. Our designs encapsulate the personality of each creative and their work, orchestrating the pace and emotion of the magazine, ultimately creating an exciting and dynamic design.



Contributors for OG Magazine Issue 09 include:

Genevieve Gaignard, Justen LeRoy, Jason Thome, Derrick Adams, Wintor McNeel, College Track, Kennedy Yanko, Andrea Bowers, Sanford Biggers, Rodney McMillian, Derek Fordjour, Olympia Auset, Devin Reynolds.


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Monday Aug 8 2022