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Edition 03 

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Issue 3 of the OG zine started to come together at the height of the COVID-19 lockdown in the Summer of 2020. Throughout August and September, the team collected interviews with members of their creative community. Makers, thinkers and organizers throughout the art, design and music industry demonstrated their acumen and resourcefulness as they built new and inspiring modes of support, fostering esprit de corps during truly exceptional times.

A year later, as we continue to face new and unprecedented challenges, these stories of ingenuity and resilience are as relevant as ever, and have been collated into a special interviews edition of the OG.

For this issue, we were asked to continue in our long-standing role as magazine designers.



We sought to bring this rich and intriguing content to life while reflecting the chaotic nature of the COVID-19 pandemic. We gave each transcribed interview its its own aesthetic and identity through the use of expressive typography, colour and varied layout decisions.

Each of us have been uniquely effected by the pandemic, leading to a variety of experiences through this shared time. As a result, it was important for us to inject each interview with its own energy and aesthetic whilst helping to keep the viewer engaged with each page turn.


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Monday Aug 8 2022
Monday Aug 8 2022