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Rinascente Illustration

TBWA Italy approached us to collaborate on creative for their client’s 2023 Christmas campaign. They had seen a previous project Migration and wanted to adopt this concept, taking it further to work instore as well as in their supporting social and marketing campaign.

We were very happy to see their positive response to our previous gallery project, and once we discovered that the end client was Rinascente, we were excited to know that our CGI illustrations would come to life in a physical environment. After we locked in compositions and art direction, we began building the visual scene and sharing with TBWA for iterative feedback before going into final rendering.

Once we got to a place where we were all happy we begun rendering and fine tuning the final imagery, taking into account lighting, shadows and materiality of the model. For this project, because we were working with an agency with in-house design talent we provided not only the key visuals but also provided the components as a toolkit - so that they could extend the use of assets themselves for animation, instore print and digital/social marketing.

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