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Milani Cosmetics is a mass audience beauty brand focussed primarily in cosmetics. For over 25 years Milani Cosmetics have been making superior cosmetics establishing a name in beauty industries all around the world.

The pandemic hit the whole industry hard, and had the potential to change customer attitudes forever. Milani decided they needed support re-imagining their brand position, and regaining their footing.

The brand leadership team comprised mostly of industry veterans and needed an alternative approach to reposition the brand.



The journey has well and truly started for evolving Milani Cosmetics into a brand with Purpose.

Three different possible brand positions have been developed, considered through market research, and at least one of them is a viable option to move forward with.

All Milani & AT stakeholders:
  • Believe in the Brand Positioning options that have been developed.
  • Are committed to bringing the evolved brand position to life.
  • Are left with an understanding of the current and future needs of cosmetics consumers.



One of the most important team members for this project was a copywriter who had a deep understanding of the global cosmetics marketplace, could sync with our team and could work to our dynamic approach.

Once our copywriter was in place, we decided to do a deep immersion with a variety of sub-teams from inside Milani’s wals. We identified that this challenge has ad much to do about internal alignment as it did brand position.

Fully immersed, we begun parallel work streams: developing concepts and establishing test format that would give genuine responses to the brand positions without dilution.



Our last interaction with the Milani team on this project was hearing the research team deliver the results.

The research went into a lot of depth and audience segmentation to understand how each concept performed
in detail.

Each of the 3 positioning concepts scored ‘outstanding’ ratings in the research, giving Milani a choice of direction rather than just one option to move forward with.


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Monday Aug 8 2022
Monday Aug 8 2022