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All Across Africa’s mission is to create jobs and markets to alleviate poverty in Africa. They have achieved stepchange sustainable impact across Africa in job creation, but also in creating secondary benefits in the wider economy.

The consumer homewares brand Kazi was very successful but could do more.

All Across Africa recognised that the Kazi brand strategy needed to be addressed In order to evolve AAA & Kazi, we needed to decide what each brand stands for, and what the relationship is between them.



Brand Strategy & Hierarchy for AAA & Kazi is fully developed and includes:
  • A clear Purpose for each brand.
  • A well drafted Personality for each brand.
  • Clear Creative Strategy for each future brand identity project.

All AAA & AT stakeholders:
  • Understand the Brand Strategy and Hierarchy.
  • Believe in the Future Success of these brands.
  • Are excited about moving on to the brand identity project(s).



Our first sprint involved Marketplace Immersion to understand what competitors were doing. Following this we identified areas where Kazi already stood out and where it could improve. After the Marketplace Immersion, we considered relevant Audience Trends, and sought inspiration from those that were most relevant to the specific challenge.

Once our immersion was complete, we developed a series of themes we could consider in our brand positioning work, and prioritised them in collaboration with AAA.

We agreed to introduce new Kazi sub-brands and began developing a map of audience segments, brands, positioning, products and services to ultimately land on a relevant brand position for each of the AAA brands, the Kazi master-brand and its sub-brands.

We compiled our findings in to an AAA-branded document for internal use.



The Brand Strategy and Positioning work were very well received and have already begun pivoting AAA into the future including:

  • Investment round based on Brand Strategy.
  • Brand Identity development for all Kazi sub-brands.
  • Marketing team expansion.
  • Website design refresh.
  • Collaborations for newly created premium Kazi sub-brand.

In time, we expect even more brand transformation using the Brand Strategy.


“The Against Time team is not only creative and innovative, but insightful, strategic and business minded.  They aren't partners, but with each project, become part of the internal team operating, designing and executing with full ownership.  They are unlike any partner I have worked with as they prioritize quality with speed and efficiency maximizinour budget and timelines.”

Alicia Wallace
Chief Operating Officer, All Across Africa

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Monday Aug 8 2022