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Throughout 2022, Rosie Lee Creative developed Havana Club Create, an online customisation experience allowing users to immerse into brand heritage, design their own labels and share with their friends.

Against Time were asked to support Rosie Lee Creative in developing the Campaign Hero Video, CGI models and renders. The CGI models were for use in a live 3D in-browser environment, so needed to be light enough for the technology without sacrificing quality.


The overall project vision was to create an engaging customisation experience for Havana Club incorporating the brand’s Cuban heritage and cultural relevance.

The Against Time vision for this project was to seamlessly integrate into the Rosie Lee Creative team, supporting across various campaign touchpoints, including the campaign video and CGI models.


Our work broke down into multiple sub-projects as well as offering general creative support on the project. We collaborated with Rosie Lee Creative and Rosie Lee Digital in all aspects of the project.

The first area of work was to support the campaign video, from storyboarding through to final production. Working with Rosie Lee Creative, we developed an animation style for transitions and kinetic type.

Another key sub-project for us was developing CGI models of the bottles and labels, working closely with the Rosie Lee Digital team to get a deep understanding of the client needs and technical limitations. The models were used in browser, and to generate bottle elements for other campaign assets


Through effective collaboration with the client and other Rosie Lee creative units, we united our multi-disciplinary skills to develop a campaign that customers engaged with from launch day onwards.

The bottle models and photorealistic renders were used as key assets in the experience, and the campaign video was used heavily on the Havana Club website and across social media.

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Monday Aug 8 2022
Monday Aug 8 2022