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Footballco approached our sister company, Rosie Lee Digital, working alongside Virtue Worldwide, with the aim of improving user experience on the company’s leading product -  GOAL.com. Against Time’s background in sport, specifically football, along with our design expertise meant we could fully support Rosie Lee Digital with their research and analysis stage, and provide an in-depth and effective solution for this project. 


We wanted to help GOAL.com improve user experience by looking at the distribution of content on their website, considering options for personalisation and introducing new elements that would keep the user up to date with GOAL.com journalists and sporting news at all times.


Taking the existing website structure, we researched how we could improve on engagement with the user as well as creating a more streamlined organisational structure to help with navigation. We worked hard to make sure navigation on GOAL was effective and could take the user on the journey they specifically wanted. Helping fine tune navigation areas on the site, ensuring landing pages were impactful and effective and introducing personalised elements meant that the interaction for the user would be greatly improved.

Our proposal allowed users to customise their content based on the teams and players that they follow, and in turn these key customisations would then affect the content appearing on the homepages. This allows the user to have a completely bespoke experience on GOAL.com, based on their personal preferences. We also introduced a section for live news updates, to keep content as fresh as possible, to connect the audience with GOAL.com’s journalists and to make sure this is the destination that users continue to return to.


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Monday Aug 8 2022
Monday Aug 8 2022