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Feel-good wellbeing brand DOSE approached us to help them launch Mood Mists - modern aromatherapy for the fitness market. One of 2021’s wellness trends was for people to use scent to ‘biohack’ our brains and bodies to perform better.

The product range included 2 key mists: HIIT ME UP and SMELLS LIKE YOGA.



A series of vibrant images that represent the two products.
Ready-to-launch packaging for the new Mood Mists.

All Dose & AT stakeholders:
  • Are excited about the final images coming together.
  • Had a seamless shoot experience.
  • Feel great when the products launch and we see people using the Mists.



We directed an entire series of images to correspond with all aspects of training and mediation, using colour to amplify the euphoric mood you feel when in the flow and crushing a HIIT session.

A variety of different colour treatments were used to communicate different feelings.

We worked with photographer Mads Perch and Producer Sylvie Champenois (Still Productions) to ensure we all had a fun and safe shoot.



The products launched in June 2021 and received high engagement levels on social media and beyond.

The images continue to stand out wherever they appear and create a high level of cut through and excitement in Dose’s audience.


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Monday Aug 8 2022