The Bank of Dreams
and Nightmares

Brand Identity, Brand Foundations


The plan was to open a creative centre with a themed shopfront, along the lines of Hoxton Street Monster Store, Grimm & Co. and 826 Valencia in Dorset.

The project is the brainchild of Nick Goldsmith, a long time friend of Rosie Lee.

Against Time were asked to immerse into the idea and give initial consideration to the concept, partly because it’s fun to do and partly because we may be able to collaborate on various elements of the project in the future.



A collaborative approach to project name and identity.
Ready-to-use assets.

All B.O.D.A.N. & AT stakeholders:
  • Enjoy the discussion and process of design.
  • Have considered the overall meaning of the space beyond identity.
  • Are left personally excited about how the work would be used and what The Bank of Dreams and Nightmares could become.



Working with a creative as a client meant that we were always going to be collaborative and to discuss every stage in detail. In order to elected to work in a raw, open, collaborative way with long discussions to resolve details and nuance.

As the design unfolded, so did the project itself, both solidifying as time passed.

With many references and styles to choose from, we explored traditional banking aesthetics, in-movie branding and today’s branding culture for teens.

Our aim was to create a living, breathing identity that oozed personality but wouldn’t also be able to act as a frame for the space, events and the creative writing itself.



The end result of our work was a vibrant, colourful logo with different form options. Fonts full of character fused with scrawled bank manager handwriting.

A thought bubble represents imagination, and creativity and can be used playfully in other future assets of the brand.

We are hopeful that we can continue to support this amazing project as it comes to life, sparking imagination for children in the local community, as well as the wider online audience it is sure to appeal to.


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Monday Aug 8 2022
Monday Aug 8 2022