We are a values-based organisation.

Originating within the Rosie Lee Group, a values-based group,
we are well versed in carrying ourselves with integrit and honouring
our agreed shared values in our day-to-day work.

01 Embrace The Chaos

02 Prioritise Honesty

We celebrate chaos and
the sense of adventure it brings.

We approach risk with courage,
and carefully assess along the way.

We openly share our attitude toward risk
and enliven those around us.

We acknowledge that the world is unpredictable
and so we focus on adaptability rather than planning.

We seek the most current insights
to enable our response to change.
We are biased towards
honesty over spin.

We start with trust, assuming those
around us share our honesty.

We are compassionate in our relationships,
so that no-one has anything to hide.

We share with transparency
to honour our authenticity.

We communicate with clarity
to avoid confusion or misalignment.

03 Be Yourself

04 Appreciate Balance

We believe in the power of
the authentic individual.

We believe that allowing wholeness at work is the
deepest form of respect we can offer each other.

We celebrate diversity in
our relationships and in our work.

We strive for an inclusive culture
where everyone is welcome.

We recognise that ‘users’, ‘clients’ and ‘suppliers’
are real people and treat them with humanity.

We recognise that dualism exists
in many areas of our work.

We embrace all needs
even if apparently conflicting.

We are deeply passionate in our work
but not at the expense of individual well-being.

We honour our responsibility
to people and planet.

We believe that everyone we work with
should be treated as a partner of equal worth.

05 Think Positive

06 Learn Continuously

We strive to create a positive impact in the world
directly and through our work.

We support and celebrate
each other’s work and indivuality.

We aim to be in tune with each other
and can spot when someone needs help.

We believe that change can be
a positive force in all of its forms.

We reflect on apparently negative event
and find the opportunities within them.
We believe that learning is one of the
greatest outcomes of our work.

We strive to find the learning opportunities
in everything we do.

We are in afraid to work in fields and
disciplines we do not yet understand.

We acknowledge that
we are all a work in progress.

We share expertise openly
to help others learn.

Monday Aug 8 2022
Monday Aug 8 2022